Ljubljana, Slovenia - competition


authors: Rudolf Müller, Petr Kadaňka
cooperation: Michal Mačuda, Jiří Vítek, Ondřej Navrátil
renders: Stanislav Šimoníček

The initial idea for the the final form and spatial layout of the NUK II building consisted of making a carbon copy of the historical aspect in the contemporary structure with the aim of rediscovering the genius loci of the place famous for its traces of Roman settlement. This ha sits characteristic features obvious from the present findings (a rational right-angles system of streets and buildings). The designed structure reacts to these findings (especially to the crossroads) and together with the built-up limit, it determines, to some extent, the resulting ground-floor footprint of the building. Externally, the unambiguous matter clearly completes the urban block, delimitating the street space. READ MORE ...

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