LONDON 2012 - competition


Authors: Rudolf Müller, Vojtěch Josef Buchta

Just as the rainbow became an impulse reviving Wenlock and Mandeville, it is becoming a symbol dominating the whole space and stretching even beyond London, the heart of England. It is a play with a motive bridging individual sports, personalities and venues. It is the story of today’s Olympics. The rainbow stream is a signal that appears, from most access paths to Trafalgar Square, above the heads of comers. You can also see it from rooftops or the London Eye.
The rainbow is produced by means of refraction inside a prism, just as it is produced as a result of light refraction inside water droplets. In our case, however, it is not produced from sunrays but from elements stemming from a distinct and specific appearance of both mascots and transposing their form into a dynamic play of colours and shapes.READ MORE ...

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